ASVAB Testing: What You Need to Know

ASVAB Testing: What You Need to Know

For anyone considering joining the military, you may have heard the word “ASVAB” buzzing around from recruiters to recruits. But what is ASVAB and why should you care about it?


First and foremost, ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and is a test that every single military recruit has to take before even being sent to boot camp. This is regardless of what branch in the military you are enlisting in and whether or not you have a college degree.

What It Does

ASVAB testing determines what job you will be assigned in the military. The types of jobs you may be offered can range from infantry to pilots and engineers. If you do poorly, you will receive a list of jobs to choose from that you may not particularly want (such as scrubbing toilets, yuck). If you completely bomb the exam, you will not be admitted into any branch of the military at all. After taking this exam, you will know what job you will have even before arriving to boot camp. It also determines your location of boot camp and type of training you will receive while there.


What You Can Expect

Don’t fret -- you can take the exam multiple times, there just is a bit of a wait time before you can retake it. However, each exam is 3 hours long and has 10 sections, each of which is timed. This test is not the hardest one you’ll ever take, but let me make this clear: ASVAB can be difficult if you are not good at timed exams and quick-thinking.


So how can I study for this scary exam, you may ask yourself. Unfortunately, there are no genuinely good sites online or books that can help you really practice and learn the material, except for one.


How We Can Help 

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