Black History Month

Black History Month

What is Black History Month and why should you care?

Black History Month honors the way in which influential Black leaders helped shape our world -- we wouldn’t be who are today if it weren’t for their relentless dedication and passion for equal treatment for all.


It is very important to understand how it all started.

The celebration of Black History Month started way back in 1915 - about 50 years after slavery was abolished by the 13th amendment and is continued to be celebrated every February.


Speaking of which, did you know that every year there is a Black History Month theme? This month in 2018 has a theme of “African Americans in Times of War”, which marks the 100th anniversary since WWI ended.


So, why was February chosen as the magic month? February celebrates the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln (who freed the slaves) and Frederick Douglass (an influential Black leader).


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