What’s going on in your students’ heads?

Getting to the root of a student’s bad grades can be difficult. Are they not understanding the material? Are they just not studying? Are they too far behind on the basics of the subject? Whatever the reason is, the outcome is usually the same – the student ends up with a not-so-great grade.

With FactSumo Education, you’ll know for sure what the problem is. At the heart of our platform is real-time monitoring. What the heck does that mean?

Well, it means that anytime a student practices a piece of information, it’s instantly registered in your dashboard. What you end up seeing is how often your student is studying, what they’re understanding, and, most importantly, what they’re not understanding.


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Now, you’ll see exactly where each students’ progress lays. You’ll be able to spend more time on the things your class needs focusing on and less time on the content they already know.

Getting started is easy!

  1. Create a class on factsumo.com
  2. Select content for your class
  3. Have students download the FactSumo app
  4. Share invitation code with students
  5. See the progress start rollin’ in!


See you at FactSumo!