5th Grade Life Science

5th Grade Life Science: Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Ready for a lightning round of biology questions? Some of these are pretty standard for a fifth-grade student to know, while others are a bit more tricky. Before we start, let’s talk about some activities you can do as an educator or parent to encourage learning about life science.


Zoos and nature reserves are great ways to get your child learning (without them realizing it)! Most zoos are hands-on, and help educate visitors on the benefits of conservation and preserving biodiversity. Plus, a lot of reserves and sanctuaries are free to the public, and give awesome tours!


Learning about life sciences doesn’t have to be limited to boring textbooks and worksheets. Kids are much likely to learn if they are exposed to different media addressing a topic. The more interesting and entertaining that form is, the more learning will intuitively take place! Check out FactSumo if you’re interested in an easy to use app that will make a difference in your child’s education!

OK, let’s get started on those questions.



  • What percentage of species goes extinct every year?
  • What does a mycologist do?
  • Which biome is the driest?
  • Which human internal organ is the heaviest?
  • What is a baby whale called?
  • Are more cells human or foreign inside of a person?
  • How many bones does a human have by adulthood?
  • What is the strongest muscle by endurance?





  1. 0.1%
  2. Studies fungus
  3. Desert biome
  4. The liver
  5. A calf
  6. Foreign (bacteria and microbes!)
  7. 206
  8. The heart


How many questions about biology did you get right? Don’t feel bad if it wasn’t many; some of these are pretty difficult! Want to learn more about biology? Check out our deck on animals of the rainforest here!