How to Interpret Your Accuplacer Score

What Do My Accuplacer Scores Mean?

The popular remedial placement exam Accuplacer may look like its scores are subjective, but these numbers contain important meaning.


Segment Low Minimal Basic Sufficient Substantial
Sentence Skills - 20-53 54-86 87-108 109-120
Basic Algebra - 20-43 44-81 82-108 109
Reading - 20-50 51-77 78-98 99-120
College Math 20-39 40-62 63-85 86-102 103
Arithmetic 20-37 38-64 65-92 93-109 110


A range of scores

At first glance, these Accuplacer exam scores look arbitrary. The exam itself is 90 questions, and is broken up between reading, writing, and math questions and an essay at the end. The scores above dictate where a student falls on the subject proficiency scale based on how well they do in the exam. For example, scoring 20 out of 20 questions correct on the reading section will give you a perfect 120, meaning you would fall in the substantial category. Every score is calculated to gauge your ability to enter and succeed in college classes.


Practice makes perfect

Scoring below sufficient in most universities may require you to take remedial classes in a given area. For most sections, a student must answer above 65% of the questions correctly in order to score “sufficient”. Your score will automatically be calculated at the end of the exam, as the test is done on a computer. Don’t worry if you don’t perform well on your first try; you can retake the exam as many times as you need, as long as it falls before the beginning of your first semester. Additionally, you’ll have unlimited time to complete the exam, though most students spend around 90 minutes.


Here’s the good news

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