Digital Learning Player vs. Learning Management System

What Is The Difference Between A Digital Learning Player vs. Learning Management System?

Who Are We?

FactSumo is one of the easiest ways to turn a smartphone into a learning device. Our platform is a universal player that lets users acquire knowledge, build skills, and gain confidence through repeated practice. It can be easily accessed through the web, a smartphone, or a tablet.

FactSumo is not a course or a rigid lesson plan. It is a digital learning player that serves as a supplement. The platform’s simple signup and on-boarding means stacks of paperwork or complicated app instructions disappear forever.


So How Does It Work?

Simply put, the FactSumo platform is built with decks organized into different categories, such as mathematics, anatomy, language, and so much more. Whether you want to learn French or Morse Code, or are eager to pass your driver’s test, FactSumo is there for you whenever you need it. 

As students progress through the deck, teachers receive useful insight as to how well they are grasping the concepts. Each student has his/her own chart, stats, and progress reports. Teachers can see who finished what and when, how much was answered correctly -- the possibilities are endless!

Our precise algorithms ensure that the information correctly answered by students appears less often than ones that don’t, so that educators have a clear view of what topics students are struggling with. For a demonstration of the process, check out our video on Vimeo. Outside of the classroom, FactSumo is a valuable tool for tutoring, corporate learning, and adult education/workforce development.


Why Should You Use Us?

Using FactSumo is a great alternative to traditional tests, quizzes and homework. It lets teachers push knowledge into a student’s brain through real-time interaction, and gives immediate feedback on how well learners are progressing.

FactSumo can also serve alongside other learning management system for educators. A learning management system is a tool that helps manage routine classroom tasks. FactSumo decks can be assigned just as easily as an assignment, worksheet, or handout. Since results are sent to teachers in real time, data can be easily synchronized or paired with grades and evaluations for other assignments.


But How Are We Different From Traditional Learning Management Systems?

Learning management systems are also useful for storing assignments, communicating with students, and overall keeping everyone on the same page about deadlines and due dates. However, we at FactSumo understand that teaching and learning is much more than paperwork, learning systems, and due dates. Learning management systems are valuable, but they’re best paired with a digital learning platform to give students optimal benefits.

We want to morph class time into an interactive and collaborative learning environment filled with chemistry experiments and lively discussions. FactSumo users are usually able to master 50 facts if they study 5 minutes per day over the course of a normal school week. That’s a lot of knowledge over the course of a school year with just a little bit of time during class.

Jumping into a FactSumo deck during the first few minutes of class can reap huge knowledge dividends day by day and set the tone for an engaging class period. Easy as 1, 2, 3!