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We help teachers
manage learning.

Because we think their job should be a little bit easier. 

Save Instructors Time
Monitor progress at a glance

Our real-time monitoring tools let you quickly identify capability gaps and track individual and class development.


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Users Love Learning on FactSumo
Better Engagement

Quicker, Better, Smarter, Faster. We convert your old content into digital bite-sized chunks. Students appreciate getting to the core of what is needed. 



Expedited Learning

The best way to learn is by practicing, little and often.  With FactSumo, the more you study, the more personalized your learning becomes. Exposing what you “actually” know from what you “think” know. Immediate corrective feedback gives you the chance to learn from your mistakes and improve your overall performance.  


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Pricing to Move You Forward

We offer aggressive pricing, because we want to be involved with as many organizations as we can. 

User / Year


Features to manage your organization from a bird's eye view. 

(Site license pricing available)


Content Transformation


We'll break up your content into bite-sized chunks that your users will gobble up.

Support aligned to you.


Have More Questions? We Have Answers

Who handles the content?

It's up to you

  • You can use our content for free.
  • You can send us your content and we'll convert it for you. 
How long does it take to set my content up.

Depending on the type of content (video, image, sound, html) it can take anywhere from a day to a week to get your content up and running.

Is my content secure?

Yes, we have bank grade security.  

How do I get started?

We like to start with a simple 30 minute meeting to make sure all of our ducks are in a row. 


How long does it take to set up?

Your first roll out is quicker than you think. It normally takes about a week from signup to implementation.

Is my organization too small

Nope, we are made to order.  There is no organization too small or too big for us to handle. 

I want more info, this is great.

We return emails and phone calls within 1  business day.  
That's because your learning is important to us. 

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