Eve Wetlaufer: finding the intersection
of doing what you’re good at
and doing what’s good

From animal rights to finding your purpose, Eve tells all.

A problem perpetuated by blind eyes

Eve Wetlaufer’s journey to animal welfare started in an NYU class on animal ethics. She remembers it as the course that would change her life forever: “my eyes were totally opened to the plight of these creatures, and the impact our consumption has on the environment.” Since that class, Eve’s been working tirelessly to promote the rights of factory farm animals, and document the abuses they face every day. Today Eve finds herself on the front lines with an organization dedicated to exposing the dark side of the meat and dairy industries: Mercy For Animals.

Eve holds the cause of factory farm animal abuse dear to her heart, and she disagrees with the popular adage that these animals are unable to speak for themselves:“I wouldn’t say animals don’t have voices. They do, and they’re using them, they’re just being silenced. These animals just don’t have a platform, so we have to use ours.” She also says a lot of the abuses aren’t recognized in today’s society because we’ve grown numb to their suffering, or it’s otherwise out of view entirely: “We’ve become so trained to objectify animals in our daily lives.”

A utilitarian approach to interspecies utopia

Yet despite impossible odds, Eve chooses to stay optimistic. “In a beautiful way, this is what the future could be. Farm sanctuaries give us a glimpse into a place where we have respect for animals, and give them the dignity they deserve.” Even in a world in which many citizens turn a blind eye to the torture and abuse of these animals, Eve believes real change is achievable.

Eve certainly holds a utilitarian view of NGOs and how organizations like Mercy For Animals should operate: “Our goal is doing the most good with our limited resources.” Coupled with a high emphasis on data and efficiency, Mercy For Animals isn’t your typical non-profit. Eve brings that focus to work every day as she helps educate and spread awareness on factory farm animal abuse.

Do what you’re good at and what’s good for the world

She also believes the interpersonal aspect of her job is the most rewarding! “I cherish effective communication and working to build relationships online and face to face.”

Eve recognizes the intersection of utility and service, and advises any job-seekers in the same way she’d advise her younger self: “find what you love and what you’re good at. If you can do something you’re uniquely skilled at and it’s making the world a better place, that’s what you’re meant to do.” It’s certainly lead Eve to some meaningful work!

Eve says she’d choose our Aliens on Earth: Spanish deck to pass along from FactSumo to you, because learning another language is vital to being a global citizen! Play through it below.