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Mastering The Basics Of FactSumo

One of the most challenging aspects of being a teacher is figuring out what methods or strategies are most efficient and which are not. As we all know, it’s vitally important to make sure students are properly learning and understanding basic ideas and concepts.


The Basics of Learning

Understanding the three stages of learning (memorization, understanding, application), plays a significant role in helping students master the basics. FactSumo helps with memorization through its algorithms that consistently repeat missed facts, while phasing out information students answer correctly. This ensures that the most amount of time is spent on information that still needs to be learned.

A simple 5 minutes a day of using FactSumo at the beginning of class can result in students mastering about 50 different facts per week. It’s efficient, effective, and a great use of time. This makes our platform a great tool for the understanding stage of learning.


Traditional Methods

More traditional methods of knowledge checks, like homework and exams can be time-consuming. A lot of students don’t even do their homework, or if they do, they’ll only remember the information to get a good grade on the assignment. Grading can be a tedious process for teachers, especially if students aren’t learning anything.

With FactSumo, knowledge is imprinting itself in a student’s brain since the algorithms are designed to focus on information that is not yet learned. Students are able to easily do their work on their phones or on a laptop, which is an efficient use of their time. Additionally, most students aren’t going to say no to five minutes a day on FactSumo in lieu of homework. Instead of sitting down with a stack of papers to be graded, teachers can just glance at the computer screen to see progress and begin to realize the areas their students might need help in.

Most of all, the time and energy saved by using FactSumo can be translated into a variety of fun and exciting projects. Use the extra time to jump start a discussion about the civil rights movement, study Spanish by watching a documentary, or conduct hands-on science experiments.


What we are not

Remember, however, that FactSumo is a supplement and a tool for students who are trying to master the basics. We are not out to replace teachers or to market our platform as a replacement course. We strongly believe in the transformative power of teachers and how much impact they can have on their student’s lives. We know a digital platform can’t do that. We at FactSumo hope teachers use our platform on a daily basis as they work.