Starting Your ASL Journey

How to Learn ASL

Your personalized journey through ASL


ASL is quickly becoming a popular language to learn in the US as it gains more traction with the Deaf community. Many people setting out to learn ASL may not know where to start, however. We here at FactSumo have come up with several ways that you can start the process!


Take classes

One of the best ways to improve your ASL signing skills is to take classes. These classes can be weekly or monthly, but just remember that the more repetition and immersion you have, the more quickly you will pick up the language. Because life can become busy, it’s probably most convenient to take classes online with a face-to-face tutor. With the digital age, this is now more achievable than ever! It’s important to realize that language can’t be learned in a vacuum.

Reach out to your community

Speaking of language learning, it’s best done with another person. Not only do we mean a tutor, but we mean someone you can converse with on any given day. This practices not only signing in an informal setting, but allows for topics to shift to something besides grammar: real-life situations. You may be learning vocabulary with a teacher in a classroom or online, but that vocab is useless if you aren’t getting a chance to use it in the real world. Connect with your local Deaf community or forum so you can start putting those ASL skills to use!


Try our app

Want to kickstart your ASL learning process? FactSumo is a revolutionary digital learning player that can help you start your journey to become a competent ASL signer! Apps designed to increase your mastery of language skills are a vital component for the modern learner. We have varying levels of ASL practice and review that makes it an ideal application for anyone in need of picking up signing. Again, we want to stress that applications are a great tool for learning, as long as it’s in tandem with face-to-face learning! We are not seeking to replace the teacher, but instead supplement the learning that takes place inside a classroom.



It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often people stunt their progress because they don’t put in consistent effort to get better at signing. The best way to learn is to repeat the exercise over and over, and to push yourself to have conversations with others! This can be very difficult for people who are shy about their ASL skills, but the only way to improve is to put yourself out there.


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