How Important Is Technology In Education?

How Important Is Technology In Education?

Technology is advancing at an ever-evolving, fast pace. Especially with the advent of the internet, we’re now living in a never before seen digital age. But no sector is slower at embracing these changes than the world of education. Why are teachers and administrators so wary of leveraging tech in the classroom? Educators believe that the tried and true methods should be left alone. While others say we’ve relied on the traditional chalkboard and lecture halls for far too long. And in many ways, they’re absolutely right. Let’s dive into the question then. How important is technology in education?


EdTech Here and Now

Currently, we aren’t taking edtech very seriously. It’s an underutilized area in schools, despite more and more teens having access to smartphones and tablets. Even FactSumo and other promising startups that leverage student devices have trouble convincing the world that things should change based on the way technology moves.


Is there a need for technology in the classroom? Many would say yes. Think about the shift that’s happening today. Job applications, news, entertainment. They’re all moving online, and away from hard copy. If students don’t have the privileges of growing up around technology, and don’t learn to adapt to it in school, will they be left out to dry once they start looking for a job and navigating society?


Are Smartphones Distracting Students?

Some opponents of integrating blended learning and technology in the classroom say it is a distraction, and would replace teachers. We hear you. Companies like ours are trying to dispel the notion that we want to get rid of a teacher in favor of a screen. We work with teachers closely and think they are the backbone of a functioning education. Having worked as a teacher myself, there’s no replacing us. Smartphones can be distracting, but if tech were integrated correctly, we’d be changing the perception of technology from nuisance to a vital teaching tool. Why not adapt instead of trying to suppress?


The Future of Technology

So where do we move from here? There’s a lot of research online about the way that technology is headed in the real world, but the change within classrooms continues to stagnate. There also isn’t much at stake in trying something new, especially when test scores have remained the same across the board for many years. Adopting technology feels like a risky endeavor, but its lasting impacts will be felt for generations. We owe it to our students to invest in edtech.


As we said before, technology evolves at a breakneck pace. Though education continues to embrace tradition, our students, as young digital natives, will seek out tech outside the classroom. Let’s meet them in the middle.