How to Help Refugees

How to Help Refugees

Want to help out refugees, but don’t know where to start? We here at FactSumo take a look at the little things you can do to improve the lives of refugees everywhere, and it’s easier than you think. Let’s begin!



Money talks, and if you have any to give, it makes an immediate difference in a refugee’s life. Donations can also come in the form of old clothes or products that you have no use for anymore. Anything you choose to give is going towards improving a life. Just remember your donations should be going to a reputable organization! You can easily find sources online that will assess how good an organization is at getting funds directly to refugees.


Nothing is more valuable than your time. That’s why it makes such a big difference in a refugee community if you volunteer. The best part of this is feeling like you’ve made a difference first hand! Even better, it’s at no cost to you. You’ll be making lasting connections by helping those who need your assistance the most.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

Speaking out is a catalyst for change. If you don’t make your valuable opinions heard, then you’ll never be able to rally support for the refugee cause. This is most obviously seen in protesting and demonstrations, but it can also mean educating others on the importance of this issue. The impact an individual has on their community shouldn’t be underestimated. Show how proactive you are by writing to local and state reps in favor of refugees, and take a stand against harmful policies against immigrants. By showing your support, you’re backing American values and bolstering confidence for refugees everywhere. Your most powerful tool is a vote as an American citizen. Enact change by electing those who you feel represent refugees. Just remember to do your research before election day!



What do we mean when we say educate? Education is a powerful tool, and even convincing one person that investing their time in refugees is a worthy humanitarian goal is vital. The more people we have to rally around, the more likely it is that the government will take note of our concerns. The plight of refugees is one of the most important causes in modern times, as more and more people are being displaced due to war, civil unrest, and environmental damage. Education doesn’t stop at sparking discussions with others. Stay informed on the latest politics and news. Information is a vital tool in helping refugees!


We here at FactSumo hope you got some good ideas for supporting refugees from our post. To find out more about our mission in education and improving the lives of students everywhere, check out our site here!