How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

quick ideas to help you through your book list

Do you ever feel like reading assignments are taking longer than expected to finish? Or maybe you just can’t seem to get through a book that’s been sitting on your list for the past month? You aren’t alone. There are many people out there who feel their reading skills aren’t what they were in their school days. Here are just a few ways you can start reading more efficiently and effectively!

Start paying attention.

Tune out your inner voice that is preoccupied with leaving the oven on. Focusing on the material will, unsurprisingly, help you absorb more information. It may also make what you’re reading more fun and interesting in the long run! It helps to pick a quiet space with limited distractions. Turn away from the computer and phone and you’ll find yourself more willing to commit to the material in front of you.


Make a habit of reading.

Keep a routine to read right before bed, on public transportation, or when you have a few minutes of downtime. This is considerably easier when you use a tablet to read (though nothing beats the feel of an old-fashioned paperback).


Reading-time flies by when the material is enjoyable.

It can feel arduous to try to trudge through books and articles that you have no interest in. It may even make you stop reading altogether! This isn’t to say that you should read only science books if you’re a scientist, or education books if you’re a teacher. You most likely have diverse interests that reach into the depths of many fields: politics, religion, sociology, fine art. The best start to reading like a superhero is choosing the right book. That may even come in the form of a comic, graphic novel, or magazine. Anything to get you reading is a smart choice!


Read with a pencil or pen in hand.

It may seem wrong, at first, to mark up a book (use a sheet of paper if it really bothers you), but those precious notes of first impressions are irreplaceable, and often difficult to recall. Nothing is more satisfying than prying open a book that you read years ago and finding scribbles filling the margins about what a certain passage or sentence meant to you.


Just read more!

The more you engage yourself with quality reading material, the quicker you’ll find yourself blowing through it. Good readers are those who read not only when they’re asked to, or when it’s necessary, but for fun!


We hope these tips on how to improve reading comprehension skills were helpful. Now go out and start reading!