How to keep your students on track with FactSumo

Finding the perfect balance between teaching the basics and exploring concepts in a class is hard. You can’t move too quickly through fundamentals or else some students won’t understand the concepts, but you can’t spend too much time on basics or else some students will get bored.

What’s a teacher to do?!

FactSumo Education was born out of this dilemma. Here’s how you can automate the basics and keep every student on track with our mobile learning platform.

Share your entire curriculum with students through FactSumo

No matter what subject you teach, you can share your all of your content directly to your class.

Don’t feel like creating your own content? No worries! You can share any deck in our library with your class. Our decks cover any topic and accommodate any skill level.

Students practice anytime, anywhere on any device

Your content automatically syncs with your students’ computers, tablets, and smartphones anytime they’re near a WiFi hotspot. (Kiss those days of “missing” homework goodbye!)

FactSumo gives students the freedom to learn in a way that matches their lifestyle. No longer tied to a desk and a textbook, students can study on their way home on the subway or the few minutes in between clubs and sports practice. All of this happens in the palms of their hands.

Our scientifically-proven approach reinforces what teachers have always known to be true: studying little and often is one of the most effective, and manageable, ways to learn. This approach also lets students work towards mastery at their own pace, that way no one gets left behind and no one gets bored.

Keep track with real-time monitoring tools

Use our real-time monitoring tools to measure how well your students are grasping the basics instead of waiting until you can administer and grade a quiz.  Each time a student practices your class content, your dashboard is instantly updated.

Adapt to your class’s needs

Now that you get a bird’s-eye view on your classroom, you can see which students are studying, which aren’t, which students are falling off, and which are excelling.

Here’s how FactSumo helped keep one Spanish teacher’s class on track:

“My Level 1 students were champs. Some learned 300 vocab words and some learned as many as 1,000 words. I realized my kids knew a lot more than I thought, so instead of wasting time drilling more vocab, we spent more class time practicing conversation skills instead.

My Level 3 kids were a different story. I had a feeling they weren’t studying and after a week, I checked my dashboard and sure enough, no one was studying. I decided to bust out FactSumo for the first five minutes of every class to create a study ritual and spend the rest of class practicing that vocabulary. Two weeks later, my Level 3 students were making WAY more progress!”

It’s free to bring FactSumo Education into your classroom. Get it here!

Are you a teacher currently using FactSumo Education to keep your students’ learning on track? Share your experience in the comments below!