Practical Tips: Increase Brain Power

Increase Brain Power: Practical Tips

episode one 

Welcome to our first ever edition of PRACTICAL TIPS, a new series dedicated to offering some insight into easy habits and practices that will up your knowledge game. Whether it be studying for a test or trying to tackle a new language, practical tips are all about helping you reach your fullest potential. Let’s take a look at our first topic: brain power! Today’s segment talks about ways you can make your brain function at peak performance!

Treat Your Brain Right

Our first practical tip doesn’t seem obvious right away, because the benefits won’t show up until you start incorporating these things in your life rigorously. Anyway, who knew that a healthy lifestyle made you smarter? Well, a lot of scientists, that's who! They recommend a solid 7-8 hours of sleep per night for adults. Know what else is really good for your brain? Exercise! Though the minimum for adults to stay fit is 150 minutes a week, you should try to exercise for at least a half hour a day to see some results in cognitive function.


Speaking of healthy lifestyles, nothing is better for your brain than good food. Try to stay away from alcohol and junk food, as these sugars and carbs can slow your brain down. Pick fruits, vegetables, and grains instead! On top of that, finding a relaxing state can help you focus. So yoga and meditation can’t hurt!  

Avoid Distractions

Our brains are really good at focusing on one thing at a time. And things like TV, social media, and sometimes even other people serve as huge distractions. You’re less likely to remember vital details of a story if you have something distracting going on in the background. If you can’t find a quiet space to work, check out your local library or invest in some noise-canceling headphones! Oh, and lock yourself out of social media. Your brain will thank you.

Challenge Your Brain

You’ll never improve in your area of study if you keep drilling yourself on the basics. Let’s be honest: basic skills are important to master. But once you reach a certain point in your studies, that material becomes too easy. And that’s a good sign! It means you’re progressing. But avoiding the difficult stuff because the basics are easier is a bad move. Keep your mind sharp with things you might struggle with. Crossword puzzles, logic games, chess. Anything to help you maintain a high cognitive function will help you succeed here! These types of games and puzzles train your mind to think not only critically, but differently. And that’s one key aspect of a good thinker. They’re able to adapt to a problem!


Write, Write, Write

Here’s a tip we see a lot of people often neglect: writing. We write all the time, but most of us are resigned to text messaging. And to be honest, that writing won’t make you any smarter. So what kind of writing is good for you? The best kind of writing either utilizes your imagination or your previous knowledge. Creativity especially is something that should be fostered. Your brain isn’t just full of facts, but experiences and dreams too. Use this to your advantage to make your brain more well-rounded!

Brain power can be a gradual thing to increase. It takes some people years of lifestyle changes to make themselves smarter. But it’s all worth it! Now more than ever we need smart people in society. We here at FactSumo love our new series PRACTICAL TIPS so much, that we’re going to give you another episode soon! Look out for the next discussion topic that we’ll be posting in the near future. See you next time!