Jennifer Gregg: Journey Innovator for Herself and Others

Jennifer Gregg: Journey Innovator for Herself and Others

This life coach is helping people forge their paths.

It’s about that balance

Jennifer Gregg, more commonly referred to as Coach Jen, is a Philly-based life coach born in Queens, New York. Her Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences degree informs her positive messages, which she tries to spread to her clients every session.

Jen has worked quite a few jobs, from nanny to nonprofit, and each life experience has helped her coaching skills. It isn’t always easy. Jen herself knows the struggle of living in an uncaring world. “I like to be transparent with people. No one is perfect, including myself. There are things I work on as a person, and there are days I don’t feel up to the task at hand. It’s really important to find a balance, to know when to rest and rejuvenate and try again.” Jen’s mantra revolves around being the best person you can be, and finding healthy ways to reduce stress in life so people can achieve their goals.

Change: frightening yet necessary

Jen says some of the hardest obstacles of getting through to people is confronting their motivation and desires: “It’s a delicate process because you want to meet people on their own terms, but you also want to push them forward. I think people are generally scared to be vulnerable and ask for help. People are scared of change.” Jen tells us that, as a student, she faced similar problems. So how did she overcome all the problems in her life? The key to her success is discipline. “I kept telling myself I was one step closer to the finish line. It was constantly in the back of my head that you have to go to school to get a good job.”

Invest in yourself

What do Jen’s clients have to say about her teachings? “The reviews usually bring me to tears. Seeing clients grow and evolve and reach their goals is what makes it all worth it.” Sometimes thanks comes from very unlikely places: ”I’ll get random messages over social media and responses from my newsletter that thank me for the inspiration. It reaffirms that I should keep going.”

There are a few things Jen says we can all think about, advice to carry with us that will help us reach our fullest potential. “Appreciate what you have. Take it one day at a time. One moment at a time. It doesn’t help to look at the big picture; just piece it together little by little. The best investment you can make is on yourself.”

Jen believes everyone is unique, which is why she chose to pass along the fingerprinting deck from FactSumo!