Learn French Pronunciation

Learn French Pronunciation

Do your ou's and a's sound a bit off.  Practice your French pronunciation with our language game. Log in to save your progress. Over 1000+ French vocab and phrases spread out through various French Decks.  

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We have over 1000+ French language vocab and phrases in our app.  All of them are categorized by topic and easy for you to learn. Start today. 

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On the subway, in line for a coffee, or at home. That's where you find the moments to study. Between your first attempt and the exam. Every moment matters. How much time you spend practicing determines if you pass on the first try. Small steps make a big impact. Seeing your progress builds your confidence and lets you see what's possible. Seek it, crave it, live it.
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The free version is great for the casual learner.  Upgrade for $19.99 if you want to get serious about mastering the French language.