The Accuplacer Test: What You Need to Know

The Accuplacer Test

What is the Accuplacer test?

If you’ve never heard of the Accuplacer test, you aren’t alone. It’s the official name for a widely-used remedial placement exam found across the nation in over 1,200 schools and institutions. The Accuplacer assesses high school and prospective college-level students in reading, writing, and math. Passing the Accuplacer test could save you up to $3,000 per year in college course credits! But don’t be nervous; with FactSumo, you’ll be well on your way to acing the test in no time! Let’s get into the details.


How is it scored?

Each university has its own qualifications for what constitutes a need for remediation classes. For instance, scoring an 82 in basic algebra would save you from needing to be placed in remedial math in one school, but a different school may have higher expectations and requirements. There’s no cut and dry method, so doing your best is considered the way to avoid these classes.  


Where do I start?

This may all seem overwhelming, and that’s why we here at FactSumo have broken down the basic elements of the Accuplacer test so you’re ready to pass with flying colors. Each of the three major subject areas--reading, writing, math--have been reduced to key concepts that will make learning easier, and set you on the path to success. Whichever area you start in, remember you’re not alone. Take a look!



When we talk about reading, we usually refer to comprehension and grammar. This portion of the exam will test your ability to read a passage and answer questions about the material. It will also ask you to fix grammar mistakes, sentence structure, and reason with vocabulary.



Writing can be the most difficult section because it is the most subjective. This portion of the test is scored differently, from 0-8. It will measure your ability to write clear sentences that do not have errors in grammar and punctuation. It will also test how well you can respond to the question posed.



The math section on the Accuplacer is a little more straightforward, as it deals with basic arithmetic and algebra, statistics, and functions. This may seem simple, but there are still quite a few areas to brush up on, ranging from exponents to geometry.


Moving Forward

We know that the pressure to perform well on exams is great. That’s why with FactSumo you can master the basics of the Accuplacer test to skip remedial classes, and start working towards your higher education goals. We’re here to reduce your time spent in remedial classes by up to 18 months, freeing up your schedule to the more important things in your academic life. With FatSumo, you’ll build the confidence to move forward in life.