Wesley Trimble: Tenacious Trekker and Trailblazer

Wesley Trimble: Tenacious Trekker and Trailblazer

Nurtured in Nature

Wesley Trimble grew up in an outdoors kind of family. They valued hiking and exploration of the various trails and peaks around their Colorado home. It’s the reason Wesley climbed his first 14,000 foot mountain by age nine. Even living with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, Wesley took the steep learning curves of basic tasks of life as a challenge. It’s pushed him to do some amazing things. He’s conquered every 14k foot summit in Colorado, and he wasn’t finished there. “Perseverance is really important to me. The mindset of pushing through my limitations is key to my story. I’ve always been a goal-oriented person.”


Life Moves In Unexpected Ways

He went to school for architecture and his graduation unfortunately coincided with the great recession in America. While working various jobs in the field of design, Wesley couldn’t quite pin down his passion. After a severe car accident, Wesley realized that you can always push off the things you want to do, but that means you may never get the chance to do them: “so I quit my job to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, which took around 4.5 months. The video I created during that hike got a lot of attention in the outdoors community, which launched me to where I am now.” The hike itself was a grueling testament to all of Wesley’s hard work and dedication. Every day his limits were tested. Just 60 miles in and muscle strain threatened to cancel his trip early. But that didn’t stop him, either.


In fact, the resulting video of his experiences on that trail lead Wesley to his current job. Now he’s working at the American Hiking Society, whose mission is three-fold. The first, as it started 40 years ago in Washington D.C., is to advocate for policies that protect public lands and trails. Second, the society mobilizes volunteers to aid in trail maintenance and restoration. Finally, they aim to educate and inspire others to hit the trail.


Forging the Path Forward

Wesley had some tumultuous experiences that shaped who he is. His advice? Try not to control life too much. Work hard, but realize not everything is within your control: “One month into grad school I was in a pretty bad car accident and had to withdraw from the program. I decided I might as well do the things I love while I can, because I didn’t know how life would turn out.”


As for the future, Wesley continues towards the proverbial summit, even if the top isn’t in clear view. Wesley remarks, “I want to continue to develop who I am and pursue the area of telling stories through visual design, wherever they lead.” He mentions his interests in videography and photography. “There’s a lot of opportunities out there, so I’d like to continue to hone those skill sets.” Whatever it leads Wesley to, we know to find him on the trail.


FactSumo’s decks on edible vs non-edible plants and northern hemisphere constellations, which you can find above, intrigued Wesley the most from a hiking perspective!