FactSumo for Mandarin classrooms

Through Practice

FactSumo handles student mastery, so you can spend more time engaging students in higher-level thinking activities.


Boost Vocabulary

Master the basics so you can move on to more important stuff in the classroom: having conversations, role-playing, and higher-level learning.

Conquer Grammar

Leave the core concepts to FactSumo. That way you can spend class time increasing students' writing ability.

Develop Comprehension

Invigorate your classroom with students who are all on the same page, ready to have lively discussions about what they're reading.

Encourage Listening

With FactSumo, students are able to explore the sounds of Mandarin for more than just an hour in the classroom. 


“Now parents can learn ASL while standing on line at the grocery
line, while sitting at the doctor’s office, anytime. Same thing with
the students. They can practice it on the bus, in the car. It’s just
another way to provide more practice for our students.”

Joan Krasnisky

Superintendent, Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf

"This app is really awesome to help with learning. I used it for my US citizenship exam and it was invaluable. Especially the offline functionality. Being able to just bang through a few questions whilst on the subway to work in the morning, or waiting for my coffee in the Starbucks line was so so helpful. It meant the information was top of mind all the time and I felt so efficient in being able to study when there were bits of downtime here and there! It made the whole learning feel much less overwhelming. And it did make it fun. Needless to say I passed me exam today with flying colors! I would highly recommend this app to help with learning something. I would definitely use it again should I need to do some other knowledge test or language learning."


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