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Practical Tips: Language Learning Part 2

By Brendan Bense | August 13, 2018

Practical Tips: Language Learning Part 2 episode three We liked our language learning practice post so much that we decided to write a part two! Hello and welcome to our third part in a series on PRACTICAL TIPS, where we examine the strategies you need to reach your full potential through hard work, practice, and…

Practical Tips: Language Learning

By Brendan Bense | August 13, 2018

Practical Tips: Language Learning episode two We’re back with another exciting episode of PRACTICAL TIPS, the fantastic educational series where we take a quick look at helping you reach your fullest potential! Today we’re talking about all the ways you can improve your language learning abilities.   It All Comes Down to Practice Let’s be…

Practical Tips: Increase Brain Power

By Brendan Bense | August 13, 2018

Increase Brain Power: Practical Tips episode one  Welcome to our first ever edition of PRACTICAL TIPS, a new series dedicated to offering some insight into easy habits and practices that will up your knowledge game. Whether it be studying for a test or trying to tackle a new language, practical tips are all about helping…

Rethinking Punctuation: A Series

By Brendan Bense | August 8, 2018

  Rethinking Punctuation: A Series Hello teachers! We’re super excited about a new series on how to rethink punctuation in the classroom. Why is punctuation so difficult to teach? Well, it’s often broken into confusing, illogical segments that students have trouble paying attention to! Now, what good is that? Teachers get frustrated with content that…

How Important Is Technology In Education?

By Brendan Bense | July 18, 2018

How Important Is Technology In Education? Technology is advancing at an ever-evolving, fast pace. Especially with the advent of the internet, we’re now living in a never before seen digital age. But no sector is slower at embracing these changes than the world of education. Why are teachers and administrators so wary of leveraging tech…

Decline of Reading in America

By Brendan Bense | July 10, 2018

Decline of Reading in America Academic Success in American Education How Americans Test The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is a federally-appointed test designed to measure students from grade 3 to high school in various “important” subjects such as math and reading, but also tests in things like history and the arts. More on…

10000 Hours Rule: Rethinking Mastery

By Brendan Bense | June 26, 2018

  10000 Hours Rule: Rethinking Mastery The Rule of 10000 Hours Ever hear the adage that you need 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill? For how popular it has become, this saying is almost completely false (and at best, misleading). Made famous by Malcolm Gladwell in his 2008 book Outliers: The Story of…

Fun Science: Encouraging Learning

By Brendan Bense | June 11, 2018

Fun Science: Encouraging Learning Science in the Classroom As educators, we’re always looking for ways to encourage learning without making the topic look boring. That’s a pretty difficult task; kids can lose focus pretty easily, especially with modern technology becoming more intrusive. Standardized testing and low standards have also made it difficult for educators and…

Why Arts Education Matters

By Brendan Bense | June 11, 2018

Why Arts Education Matters Practicality Art plays the long game. We’d talk about arts education as it relates to test scores, but no such correlation exists. We’d discuss arts education and how it’ll give you an edge in the modern job market, but there’s not much data to support that, either. If you’re looking for…

5th Grade Life Science

By Brendan Bense | June 11, 2018

5th Grade Life Science: Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Ready for a lightning round of biology questions? Some of these are pretty standard for a fifth-grade student to know, while others are a bit more tricky. Before we start, let’s talk about some activities you can do as an educator or parent to…


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