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Educational Equity

By Brendan Bense | June 11, 2018

Educational Equity Fairness for All A Nation’s Problem American education needs fixing. With the growing income gap becoming increasingly apparent, people are waking up to the research on classrooms. And the results show that action must be taken to alter the way we’re looking at education. One phrase being tossed around is educational equity, or…

The Standardized Testing Debate

By Brendan Bense | June 11, 2018

The Standardized Testing Debate Standardized testing: good or evil? Whether you love them or hate them, standardized testing continues to dominate the American education system. We here at FactSumo take a quick look at the standardized testing pros and cons by highlighting three areas of debate.   Equity A pretty unfortunate facet of our world…

Bring Your Own Device

By Brendan Bense | May 21, 2018

Cell Phones in School Should cell phones be banned or allowed in schools? It’s no secret that the world of education technology and cell phone use in schools is changing the face of education. What are the advantages of students who bring their own devices to the classroom? Interested in cell phones in schools and a…

Phone Space and You

By Brendan Bense | May 21, 2018

  Cell Phone Storage and You Let’s not be fooled by the “dog ate my homework” excuse of this generation. By the Numbers: Freeing up Cell Phone Storage Did you know the average phone size is 64GB? Now that’s a lot of apps. In fact, if every app were 500MB, that means the average phone…

The Way We Learn

By Brendan Bense | May 16, 2018

Learning Methods for the Modern Classroom A look at non-traditional learning methods Modern technology puts the world at our fingertips. Yet with all the marvels of today, the human brain still learns the same way it has for thousands of years. In order to avoid the pitfalls of the “forgetting curve”, people need to be…

Drivers of Blended Learning

By Brendan Bense | May 16, 2018

Blended Learning: A Model for Change The Blended Learning Classroom   Most teachers and parents are aware of the call for serious change in our public school system. Students need more opportunities to engage in personalized material that keeps them motivated and stimulates more than just memorization of facts. The lack of abundant resources (including…

Mobile Data 101: Smartphones and Students

By Brendan Bense | May 14, 2018

Mobile Data 101: Smartphones and Students Digital Education In an increasingly digital world, it’s important that we make sense of the changes happening around us. One of the most prominent changes in the past decade is our use of smartphones. According to the Pew Research Center, 92% of adults 18-29 owned a smartphone in the…

Learning Style Myths

By Brendan Bense | April 25, 2018

Learning Style Myths debunking a pervasive tale in education Finding Patterns In Teaching What is a Learning Style? The latest teaching craze that has seen a sharp rise in converts in the past twenty years is learning styles: the idea that we each learn a different way. Some of us learn visually, while some of…

Teaching ESL

By Brendan Bense | April 25, 2018

Teaching ESL notes for teaching  When I first landed in China to teach English, I was greeted by a student who told me, “I am China; you America!” I understood her, but didn’t quite realize what I had signed up for until then.   Teaching English as a second language can feel daunting. Whether it’s…

Tech in the Classroom

By Brendan Bense | April 25, 2018

Tech in the Classroom the benefits of technology in an evolving education system Digital literacy has become a prerequisite to the twenty-first-century global marketplace, and should, therefore, be implemented in the classroom to fit the changing needs of modern students.   This wasn’t always the case. Education technology has seen many rises and falls in…


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