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FactSumo | Master the Basics

By Kevin Ramirez | February 5, 2018

Mastering The Basics Of FactSumo One of the most challenging aspects of being a teacher is figuring out what methods or strategies are most efficient and which are not. As we all know, it’s vitally important to make sure students are properly learning and understanding basic ideas and concepts.   The Basics of Learning Understanding…

Digital Learning Player vs. Learning Management System

By Kevin Ramirez | February 5, 2018

  What Is The Difference Between A Digital Learning Player vs. Learning Management System? Who Are We? FactSumo is one of the easiest ways to turn a smartphone into a learning device. Our platform is a universal player that lets users acquire knowledge, build skills, and gain confidence through repeated practice. It can be easily…

Paperwork — BE GONE!

By Kim Ramirez | June 30, 2016

If you had to guess, how many single pieces of paper do you think you have scattered across your desk, car, and home? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? What would you do to be able to get rid of most of them and know you’ll never need them again? FactSumo Education replaces the need for…

What’s going on in your students’ heads?

By Kim Ramirez | June 26, 2016

Getting to the root of a student’s bad grades can be difficult. Are they not understanding the material? Are they just not studying? Are they too far behind on the basics of the subject? Whatever the reason is, the outcome is usually the same – the student ends up with a not-so-great grade. With FactSumo…

From Distraction to Learning Tool: Smartphones in the Classroom

By Kim Ramirez | June 21, 2016

Nowadays, mostly everyone has a smartphone. (Some of your students might even have a better device than you do!) In a world of budget cuts and pay freezes, how do you as a teacher bring technology into the classroom on a budget? The answer is simple: use your students’ devices! Gone are the days of…

How to keep your students on track with FactSumo

By Kevin Ramirez | May 25, 2016

Finding the perfect balance between teaching the basics and exploring concepts in a class is hard. You can’t move too quickly through fundamentals or else some students won’t understand the concepts, but you can’t spend too much time on basics or else some students will get bored. What’s a teacher to do?! FactSumo Education was…


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