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Welcome to FactSumo's interview series where we profile people
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Everyone has a Story

Through our interviews, we're putting a spotlight
on individuals' stories: where they've come
from, the lessons they've learned, and the
events that brought them to where they are today.

There's no single path

Everyone has a different idea of success,
and no two people follow the same
path in reaching their dreams. No matter
what though, FactSumo will be there to
support people while they
reach for their full potential.

Recent Interviews

Kelly Russo and the International Rhino Foundation

By Bailee Henderson | Sep 17, 2018

Kelly Russo and theInternational Rhino Foundation There are fewer than 30,000 rhinos left roaming the wild. And those numbers are dwindling. One rhino poached every eight hours We caught up with Kelly Russo, the Communications Manager for the International Rhino Foundation, a conservation group which aims to preserve and spread the word about all five…

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Emily Vuxton: Stitching Together the Unraveling Louisiana Coast

By Brendan Bense | Sep 17, 2018

Emily Vuxton: Stitching Together the Unraveling Louisiana Coast Some analyses put wetland loss at nearly 14 football fields per day. Losing land – fast When we think of land and habitat loss in the United States, no region is more striking and visceral than the Louisiana coast. Some analyses put wetland loss at nearly 14…

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Ellie Lacks: Turning Trauma Into Indelible Love

By Bailee Henderson | Sep 17, 2018

Ellie Lacks: Turning TraumaInto Indelible Love Ellie connects children and animals who need each other most. Ellie’s Gentle Barn… a dream come true The Gentle Barn started in California in 1999 as a refuge for abused and neglected animals: those who were too old, sick, lame, or otherwise unadoptable. It has since grown to three…

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Erin Hogeboom: Dedication In Service

By Brendan Bense | Sep 12, 2018

Erin Hogeboom: Dedication In Service A Helping Hand Erin Hogeboom’s professional and personal lives can best be surmised in one word: service. In just a short interview, she spoke only of how she’s reached out to strengthen her community through service. “My litmus test for a new job is whether it serves the community, and…

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Wesley Trimble: Tenacious Trekker and Trailblazer

By Brendan Bense | Sep 10, 2018

  Wesley Trimble: Tenacious Trekker and Trailblazer Nurtured in Nature Wesley Trimble grew up in an outdoors kind of family. They valued hiking and exploration of the various trails and peaks around their Colorado home. It’s the reason Wesley climbed his first 14,000 foot mountain by age nine. Even living with a mild form of…

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Jennifer Gregg: Journey Innovator for Herself and Others

By Bailee Henderson | Sep 6, 2018

Jennifer Gregg: Journey Innovator for Herself and Others This life coach is helping people forge their paths. It’s about that balance Jennifer Gregg, more commonly referred to as Coach Jen, is a Philly-based life coach born in Queens, New York. Her Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences degree informs her positive messages, which she tries…

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Mike Smith: Cancer Survivor, Advocate, Passionate Athlete

By Bailee Henderson | Aug 30, 2018

Mike Smith: Cancer Survivor, Advocate, Passionate Athlete Taking all the opportunities he can to provide a voice for others. Give it all or nothing Meet Mike Smith, a cancer survivor turned political advocate for any passion that rears its head. Mike is something of an advocacy entrepreneur, always eager to work on exciting and challenging…

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Cindy Holm: On the Front Line of Defense Against the Meat and Dairy Industries

By Bailee Henderson | Aug 28, 2018

Cindy Holm: On the Front Line of Defense Against the Meat and Dairy Industries Bringing issues to light, one farm animal at a time. Facing a growing problem It may seem as though confronting the meat and dairy industry is an impossible task, yet no act of kindness is too small in Cindy Holm’s world.…

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Ryan Cope: Bridging the Conversation Between People, Plastic, and the Pacific

By Bailee Henderson | Aug 24, 2018

  Ryan Cope: Bridging the Conversation Between People, Plastic, and the Pacific Researcher turned blogger, urging action against plastic one story at a time. “It’s like turning a tanker around.” She didn’t grow up around the ocean, but nothing fascinated Ryan Cope more during her childhood in Western New York. The allure of the sea…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I right for an interview?

We bet you are!

No matter who you are or what you do, you have a story. The purpose of this blog series isn't to profile any certain type of individual; the purpose is to tell the stories of anyone who is working toward a goal and striving to reach their full potential. There is beauty and pattern in every person's life, no matter what stage of success you're at or you perceive yourself to be. That's what FactSumo wants to showcase.

Can I get a link in my interview?


In the final publication of your interview, FactSumo will include any website links or social media handles that you want. We're highlighting you, after all.

What is the interview process like?

Short and sweet.

If you're selected for an interview, you have three options: a Zoom video chat, an in-person meeting at our Philadelphia office, or a phone call. A FactSumo member will coordinate a time to talk and details via email. The interview itself lasts about 30 minutes. The first draft will be written within the week, which you will get to review before publication. Then, it'll be featured on our blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Will I get to review my interview?

Of course!

FactSumo will not publish your interview without the go-ahead. We will let you review what we've written and give us feedback.

What will we talk about?

It depends.

We have the same basic questioning premise throughout every interview: trying to map out the interviewee's story and how they're reaching their full potential. Since everyone is unique, so will be every interview. FactSumo interviews feel more like a casual chat, like you're getting to know someone for the first time. Generally though, we will be asking about your past, present, and future; how your past has built your present, and how your present will support your future.

What picture will be featured?

A good one!

If you're participating in an in-person interview, we will take a picture of you. If not, we request that you send an image to us. This picture will be used for the blog and all social media posts. What we found works best are pictures that:

  • Are landscape-oriented, not vertical.
  • Show you from the waist-up.
  • Are taken in a well-lit space, but are not taken under direct sunlight.
  • Avoid dark backgrounds.
  • Don't feature your body flat against a wall.
  • Position you at an angle.

Bonus points if you feature yourself in a setting that showcases your interests or work, or showcases you using the FactSumo app or website! Check out this sample blog picture for inspiration.

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