Claire Grant: Creativity is Queen

Claire Grant: Creativity is Queen

Just what every post-grad needs to hear.


Anything for the experience

Claire Grant vowed to live by a few principles after leaving Fordham University last year, and one that stands out the most is her commitment to creativity. Though Claire had a focus in media in college, the corporate world was the last thing she imagined to find herself in. Real life kind of came as an underwhelming surprise. And finding an artistic space in the meantime proved difficult. “I didn’t realize I needed to work in a creative environment until I wasn’t in one.”

Claire chose to stay in New York to work after college as an entertainment writer for a software platform startup. She’s previously been involved in some pretty interesting gigs, including jobs concerning religion (she’s not particularly religious herself) and the death of JonBenet Ramsey. Anything for the experience is Claire’s current job-motto.

Back on the front of life after college, busy work can feel almost unrelenting, but Claire tries to remind herself of the long term. “Some days, you know, I didn’t want to spend eight hours researching JonBenet Ramsey. But you have to look at every opportunity as a way of learning and experiencing your field. And maybe someday someone really important is gonna ask you about JonBenet Ramsey and you’ll have all the answers.” Claire’s Ramsey moment hasn’t presented itself yet, though she remains pretty hopeful.

To all college grads...

In the meantime, she’s honing her focus to works that are creative and personal. “I really want to talk about personal experience in upcoming creative pieces. Not just because I’m a millennial and that’s what millennials do. But because I think I have a lot to say that people want to hear about.”

Claire’s discovery of the working world was an awakening of pursuits both outside and within corporate America. Ultimately some things clicked with her, some not so much. Her advice to sort through all the trouble? “Don’t rush into a job after college if it’ll just make you unhappy. Take time for yourself first.”

Claire's passing along the "Practice Reading Music Notes" deck, to perhaps inspire some creativity of your own! Check it out above.