Suzie Welsh – Nurse, Entrepreneur, Professor: Reimagining Women’s Healthcare

Suzie Welsh: Nurse, Entrepreneur, Professor

Reimagining Women’s Healthcare

Look at the molehill, not the mountain.

That’s the advice and maxim of BINTO-founder Suzie Welsh. Suzie is a Philly native, an adjunct nursing professor at Villanova, and an entrepreneur currently in the business of women’s health. 2016 saw the launch of BINTO, Suzie’s digitally native health company aimed at supporting women’s journey from periods to menopause.


Her mission is twofold: connect women with reliable healthcare professionals, and provide them with the over-the-counter products they need at any and every stage in their lives.

What makes BINTO different?

In her own words, Suzie says it’s all about the quality: “The FDA doesn’t regulate the supplement market, so you never know what you’re really buying. We cut out the junk so you’re getting what’s actually good for your body. What sets us apart is that level of trust. We’re not only coming from a female perspective but also from a healthcare professional perspective.”


Suzie’s brainchild is the culmination of a life of service, nursing, and keen observation, though the spark to make a difference in the world started with a trip to Africa when Suzie was just sixteen: “[Africa] was eye-opening because it highlighted women’s role as the backbone of our communities. I had a passion and I realized I wanted to take it to a larger scale.”


Yet Suzie didn’t solidify BINTO as a concept until after working as a nurse.“Even then, I struggled to find my passion and what it would look like. If you’re 20-something and reading this, don’t be deterred. I wasn’t born with this idea.”


Future Forward

Suzie carries that work ethic and grit to her business every day; her vision for BINTO climbs higher with every sale, and the feedback, for Suzie, makes the tribulations and setbacks feel minuscule: “to be able to help women and see the reviews we get..there’s nothing more powerful and satisfying than that. I feel so blessed and thankful I get to do this.”


Teaching also rests at the heart of Suzie’s passions. She truly believes in the power of nurses and what they can do for the healthcare community. Suzie wants her students to know: “They’re not just nurses. They’re so much more than that. Nursing is the future of healthcare. Nurses are the front lines in terms of patient care.”


Which FactSumo deck does Suzie use to prioritize high-level thinking activities in the classroom? She loves the ones on metrology, as it gives her students a chance the master the basics before they step foot in her classroom.


Suzie says she’s gained some pretty powerful lessons along the way. “Celebrate every win; even the small ones. Every day is incredibly hard when you’re building a product from the ground up and not everyone can relate to that. Surround yourself with others who understand what you’re doing.” Suzie believes it’s all too easy to sweat the little stuff, and the real challenge lies in maintaining mindfulness. Look at the molehill, not the mountain.

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