About Us

FactSumo leverages its years of instructional design and technology integration expertise to create engaging learning experiences that cater to a variety of learning needs and styles.

Our Vision

FactSumo envisions a future where learning is accessible, engaging, and tailored to every individual. Through innovative and interactive experiences, WE aspires to dismantle traditional learning barriers and foster a love of knowledge for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone reach their full potential. FactSumo aims to be a resource that helps people of all backgrounds develop their abilities and knowledge. Our products or services are designed to be inclusive and beneficial for a wide range of users, with the ultimate purpose of helping them reach their personal and professional goals.

Our Story

FactSumo started with a revelation and with frustration

When diving into language learning, exploring the depths of science, or any subject in between, we noticed the traditional methods fell short. The apps available seemed like mere replicas of paper worksheets on a digital screen. In this lightning-fast internet, the learning landscape seemed outdated, lacking in innovation and excitement.

Education in the digital age

While technology has revolutionized countless industries, learning often feels stuck in the past. FactSumo believes everyone deserves the opportunity to unlock their potential. That’s why we created a platform that makes education engaging and accessible.

Confidence through practice

FactSumo is more than just another learning platform. We combine high-quality, interactive lessons with confidence-building exercises, so you can master new skills and apply them in real life.

Learning for everyone, everywhere

We focus on creating bite-sized, practical lessons that fit seamlessly into your busy life. With FactSumo, you can learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Our approach

We’re all about mastery!

Master any topic like a new skill.

FactSumo uses familiar practice techniques to make learning effective and engaging.

Learn from mistakes instantly.

Get immediate feedback to solidify your knowledge and avoid repeating errors.

Remember more with spaced repetition.

Built-in breaks optimize learning by reinforcing what you truly understand.

See your progress soar.

Track your improvement and gain confidence as you master new information.

Track Confidence and Master Your Skills!

Build Your Skills & Reach Your Goals and Level Up with FactSumo!

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