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Transforming retail banking through efficient digital training that maintains the human connection.



Covid-19 dramatically reshaped retail banking behaviors. The rapid adoption of digital banking led to a steep decline in in-person branch visits. This sudden shift forced banks to rethink staffing, strategies, and cost structures almost overnight.

Our client faced these challenges head-on. They transitioned branches into “advice centers,” focusing on financial guidance instead of routine transactions, which moved online. This shift required staff to take on specialized roles, prompting a complete overhaul of their training methods—focusing on new topics and accelerating the training pace.

Key Needs:

Flexible, branch-level training instead of centralized centers
Maintaining a human connection in learning
Rapid creation of training modules to keep up with changes
Customizable Workflows

Our client sought a creative, cloud-based training solution to deliver value to loyal customers and boost business performance, aiming to increase revenue by 1.5 times per customer.



With fewer low-involvement transactions like check deposits and cash exchanges, our client honed in on the interactions that still bring customers into the branch—resolving problems, seeking advice, and opening new accounts. They recognized the need for specialized training in IRAs and escrows, so they turned to FactSumo.

FactSumo provided the perfect solution. Our intuitive, AI-powered platform allowed the Learning & Development team to align training with each branch’s specific needs, create engaging content with a small team, and customize training for individual personal bankers. Now, personal bankers are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of their customers, making our clients proactive and adept at navigating change.

FactSumo helps retail banks increase revenue, enhance customer experiences, and reduce costs.



Increase revenue

Drive revenue through enhanced product knowledge.

Enhance customer experience

Train personal bankers on key interactions that bring customers into the branch.

Reduce training cost

Shift some in-person training to digital training that can be done at the branch level.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

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