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The Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry is evolving toward next-generation managed services, known as Operate services. Businesses today want more than cost savings—they need service providers who can manage strategic, high-risk operations. This shift is driven by disruptive technologies, essential but scarce skills, and increasing risk and regulatory pressures.

Our client is leading this evolution by focusing on business outcomes rather than cost efficiency. A key strategic shift has been transforming their third-party call center into a crucial function that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key needs:

Regain control of training at the third-party call center.
Address customer concerns efficiently without compromising quality.
Reduce the number of escalated calls and interaction costs.

Our client sought a creative, cloud-based training solution that enabled them to launch a more robust training program focused on improving customer experience and reducing interaction costs.  



Our client aimed to improve their call center performance by focusing on training their existing team rather than hiring more staff. This approach was designed to reduce wait times without compromising quality or customer loyalty. They wanted their agents to be knowledgeable, empathetic, and capable of providing effective solutions.

FactSumo was the perfect fit. Our analytical tools allowed the U.S. team to measure engagement and knowledge at the third-party call center in real-time. Our AI-powered platform tailored training to meet both business and staff needs, creating engaging content with a small team. By incorporating video clips from the CTO, they ensured that the human connection remained central to the learning process.

Now, each call center employee is well-prepared to meet changing customer demands, making our client proactive and adept at handling transitions. FactSumo helps MSPs deliver not just cost savings, but also true value and strategic advantage to their clients.



Enhance Customer Experience

Call center agents now resolve 85% of calls on the first attempt.

Lower Interaction Costs

Reduced escalated calls with better technical and service training.

Expanded Training Topics

Launch new monthly training on a variety of subjects, from technical skills to customer service.

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